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Learning to See, Draw, and Paint.
by Painting-Course.Com

Publisher: Self Published

This book is the result of years of work crafting an online painting and drawing class, and is to be used in conjunction with’s open coursework. The book begins with various drawing assignments and progresses through to color theory, painting, color mixing, shading, and composition.  A must read for any beginning art students, the book represents what a beginning foundation student would be exposed to in their first year at the college level studying Art.

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Line and Form by Walter Crane

Line and Form
by Walter Crane

Publisher: G. Bell & Sons, Ltd. 1900

The substance of the following chapters on Line and Form originally formed a series of lectures delivered to the students of the Manchester Municipal School of Art. There is no pretension to an exhaustive treatment of a subject it would be difficult enough to exhaust, and it is dealt with in a way intended to bear rather upon the practical work of an art school, and to be suggestive and helpful to those face to face with the current problems of drawing and design.

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